Dear friend,

May the following situations be true for you? -

Been trying out all kinds of strategies ranging from forex trading, real estate investment, gold investing and so on......but, not having much success??

Know about the law of attraction but still having problems with applying it?

Cannot let go of your feelings of lack?
No clue on how to change your relationship with abundance?

Cannot see how your life of struggle can possibly transform into a life of abundance?

Don't know where to begin about shifting your paradigm from scarcity to abundance?

Feeling miserable, stressed out and worried about your financial position?

Well, you are not alone.  I have been in all the above situations myself at one time or another in the past.  To begin with, many of us dream of having a lifestyle of abundance. Abundance means being in plentiful supply of. We like the thought of having all our dreams fulfilled. We visualize the dream house, the fast car in our garage, the designer clothes, holiday travels and so on.  Carrying these dreams in our pockets, we go on an external search in the hope of finding ways to fulfill them. 

Most certainly, a certain minimum level of income is needed to afford modern day conveniences.  Working a nine-to-five office job would supposedly be able to help us pay the bills for the required items. Then again, life appears to be always ahead of us.  There are always technological advancements in appliances, gadgets and what-have-you. Our incomes can never quite cover our living expenses. We have a hard time trying to balance our accounts every month.

Short on time, we are always playing catch up.   And we find ourselves in a constant struggle. Thoughts of making money conjure a mixed bag of emotions from us including hope, desire, worry, frustration, pain, fear, craving and so on. We are not joyful because we are not "there yet".  Life also becomes a constant strife to validate our worth, because we perceive that having lots of money helps us with a sense of adequacy. It is hard to "attract" abundance if we are constantly operating from the paradigm of "not having". 

Abundance Alchemy: Shift Your Paradigm

Now your dream of trying to make more money is no different from the burning desire of alchemists of the past.  Thousands of years ago, medieval alchemists had the dream of turning base metal into physical gold.  They would spend a lot of time going on an external search or conducting experiments in secret laboratories.  Seen pictures of wizards looking vexed over their recipes?  Well that is because their efforts were known to be largely futile.

If you think that alchemy is all about failed experiments of trying to turn something crude into something valuable, then you are greatly mistaken.

For alchemy has a second meaning to it.

Alchemy is really a metaphor for personal spiritual growth.  It is about transmuting yourself into gold.  It is about releasing your baggage of negative emotions and transmute into the gold of higher consciousness.

Okay, so you may ask, "Whatever for? How can alchemy help me gain the material wealth I wish to enjoy?"

Well, the answer is this: when your inner paradigm about abundance shifts, your outer experience of abundance will also start to follow.

And not just on material wealth, you will start to have a greater understanding what abundance means.  You will learn that abundance encompasses more than the narrow definition of making money alone.  In fact, you will come to know about what it means to creating a fulfilling and therefore, successful life.

"You have presented potentially life-changing ideas in your book. It's great that you've put important aspects about abundance all-in-one. Not just a wonderful reminder, 'Abundance Alchemy: Journey of Gold' is an interesting read with personal stories, fables and legends cited."

--- Nathanael Ong, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Regression Therapist, www.hypnocoachsingapore.com, Singapore

Introducing Abundance Alchemy: Journey of Gold

In this contemporary book, I map out the underlying pattern of my journey with that of an alchemy.  As an ex-banker and living in fairly materialistic surroundings, I know what its like to be having financial aspirations.  I was previously in a state of struggle myself with trying to cope with modern day living concerns. The stress of trying to be an entrepreneur working from home and be a mother to two young kids added to my toil. 

Mostly, I was suffering from the effects of self-induced stress.  Seriously, anyone would have deemed me crazy to be experiencing the level of unhappiness that I put myself through.  By society's standards, I could not be deemed to be in the position of "wanting"; yet I was feeling insecure, unfulfilled and empty.

My inner "crisis" reached a peak.  It was showing up in physical, mental and emotional outward manifestations. I was constantly having allergies, feeling sick or energetically low.

I finally decided to search from within.

It was tough at first, having to investigate the secret caverns of my psychological landscape. I wanted to give up several times.  Along the dark corridors of many-a-night, I wondered if light would come. 

But slowly, benefits started to reveal themselves.  I began to unearth gems of wisdom. 

Amazingly, my life started to change for the better. 

Then, about one year ago, while I was sitting in the park, an idea popped into my head.  It had popped in response to my asking of this question: what can I share about myself to assist others in their life journey?

The thought was: alchemy.

At that time, I had little knowledge of what the word truly meant.

However, I knew that it would be something that I needed to write on.

So I began to tune in, did some background research and distilled what I have learned from my personal experiences and work as a Life Coach, Intuitive Consultant, Vision Board Counselor, Master NLP Practitioner and a writer of self help articles.

To be honest, I didn't forsee that it would take me months.  But it sure did!!  The result is finally a book known as Abundance Alchemy: Journey of Gold!

Watch the book trailer below for an introduction.....

“The nuggets of Big Truth in Evelyn Lim’s new book, Abundance Alchemy, are indeed solid gold. The book is valuable currency for successful navigation through our rapidly changing times and the evolution of personal and collective consciousness. I deem it as collectors grade material”.

 -- Alison Elliot, Life Cycles Counseling/Energy Balancing Specialist, www.lifebydesignwithalison.com, United States

“I can feel the vibrational pulse of this book. It gently guides me on a journey to discover my inner world. It is an excellent help for appreciating abundance from within, which hopefully would translate into greater wealth in my physical reality. As someone in the field of intuitive healing and even from an ebook format, I have been able to experience energies of empowerment coming through. Thank you for this gem Evelyn!”

— Bingz Huang, Energy Healer, www.healingemotionalawareness.com, Singapore

The book is available in two formats: a downloadable pdf and a printed format. Should you be interested in having it as an instant copy on your computer for reading rightaway (or at least in 5 minutes or less), please click on the buy button below....

Price: US$13.95

Awaken Your Inner Alchemist

What is great to know is that you can be the hero or heroine in your own life story about abundance.  You can possibly benefit from my experience in seeing things from a clearer perspective.  I share with you time-honored gems while explaining what a journey on abundance alchemy will entail.  Narrated within the overall structure of an alchemist as a hero or heroine, this book is likely to be an excellent companion for your inward journey.

Inside you will discover:

 how you can recognize the patterns of alchemy, hero and the heroine;

what a paradigm of scarcity looks like;

the deeper meanings of abundance alchemy;

 the traps to look out for while you explore your psychological inner landscape;

keys to aligning with abundance;

practical action tips that you can take towards embodying the qualities of inner abundance;

sacred truths about your life on this planet;

what it takes for inner alchemy;

what it means to create meaning in life;

benefits from taking an inward journey and
much more!

This book will inspire you to answer the Call for An Inner Adventure. 

Be The Source of Your Own Illumination!!!

With this 130-page e-book,  you will ultimately discover the Secrets to Living a Life of Unlimited Abundance!

Price: US$13.95


My 60-Day Money Guarantee

For all the priceless info, how much is the book going to cost you? I’m pretty sure that the information contained within my ebook will be helpful for your inward journey. If you apply the tips contained in my book, chances are that you would understand more about creating a life of abundance. If you feel that my ebook has not benefited you in any way, simply ask for a refund.

Clickbank is the company that handles all the transactions for this book. Should you need a refund, you simply contact them at their website www.clickbank.com and provide your transaction details. No questions will be asked.

Hence, there is virtually no risk to you.

You don't also have to wait to obtain the valuable information. The information is available to you in an instant download as soon as you complete the purchase process.  You will also be send a secret password to open your document.

Price: US$13.95


May your journey unearth gold,

P.S. There is a ton of self-help books out there.  But none quite as interesting as seeing it from the perspective of alchemy in contemporary times.  If you had been having money struggles due to modern day concerns, then this is a book you would want to read.  Click Here to Order Now!



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